One-click doorstep service for your dry cleaning, carpet washing, and mending needs! Fast and secure ordering in 30 seconds!

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1. Create Your Order

Add the dry cleaning, carpet washing, ironing, and mending services you need to your basket and place your order in 30 seconds!

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Whether through our 'One-Click' mobile application, place your order!

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If you prefer, place your order through our 'One-Click' website!

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2. We'll Come to Your Address

After placing your order, we'll come to your address within a maximum of 5 hours to deliver your products. Let us carry your items in our special bags

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Ürünlerin sana özel temiz çantalarda taşınır.

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Your items are carried in clean and special bags just for you.

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3. Let's Clean Thoroughly

Our experienced dry cleaning and carpet washing masters will clean your items with professional equipment. They will prepare your items with special hangers and bags just for you.

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A specialized team works for you in dry cleaning and carpet washing.

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Cleaned items are delivered to you in special hangers and bags just for you.

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4. Let Us Deliver to Your Address

Let our expert team deliver your orders to your address spotlessly and without any missing items within 24 hours

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You can check the order status from the order details.


Experienced staff and professional equipment, dry cleaning, carpet washing, ironing, and mending services at your doorstep with just one click!

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Advantageous Prices

Save time and benefit from our expert network for cost advantages!

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Quality Guaranteed

Experienced craftsmen and professional equipment!

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Customer Relations

Thousands of satisfied customers with our expert customer relations team!

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Fast & Secure Payment

Quick and secure ordering in just 30 seconds!

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As Turkey's first online dry cleaning and carpet washing network, we offer fast, convenient, and spotlessly clean service to over 500,000 happy customers. Download our app now to experience this exclusive service!

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