We are Turkey's first online dry cleaning and carpet washing network! We continue to provide fast, convenient, and spotlessly clean service to more than 500,000 satisfied customers.

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4 Million+
We provided dry cleaning and carpet washing services for over 4 million products.
500 Thousand+
We continue to clean the products of our 500,000+ happy customers.
50 Thousand+
NClub members enjoy our exclusive services.
We continue to serve our members with our network of branches.
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Why Networkdry?

Amidst the busy pace of everyday life, we all want to allocate more time to ourselves. Networkdry has been designed to free you from the hassle and time loss caused by essential tasks like laundry, ironing, and carpet washing. With affordable prices, fast service, and a guarantee of quality, dry cleaning, carpet washing, ironing, and shoe polishing services are at your fingertips at any time!

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With our extensive network of branches, we aim to provide quality dry cleaning, ironing, carpet washing, and shoe polishing services to every corner of our country. Formed by the collaboration of experienced dry cleaning businesses that have dedicated many years to the industry, this powerful structure has created a completely business-friendly dry cleaning network, taking into account the interests of both business owners and customers.

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24/7 Easy Ordering

Whether through our 'One Click' mobile application or our website, you can securely place the order you need in seconds. Our experienced dry cleaning and carpet washing experts clean your products with professional equipment, prepare your items with personalized hangers and bags, and our expert team delivers your orders to your address spotless and complete within 24 hours.


We demonstrate our reliability with successful corporate agreements that prefer the quality and expertise of Networkdry.



Experienced staff and professional equipment, dry cleaning, carpet washing, ironing, and mending services at your doorstep with just one click!

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Advantageous Prices

Save time and benefit from our expert network for cost advantages!

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Quality Guaranteed

Experienced craftsmen and professional equipment!

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Customer Relations

Thousands of satisfied customers with our expert customer relations team!

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Fast & Secure Payment

Quick and secure ordering in just 30 seconds!


Experienced and professional team at your doorstep with just one click for your dry cleaning, carpet washing, ironing, and shoe polishing needs, using professional equipment!

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Discover the intricacies of cleanliness and care. By following our articles where we share the secrets of good care, you can gain valuable tips for your home and personal care.


Get answers to your questions right away! Networkdry provides professional dry cleaning and carpet washing services, offering customers a quality experience at affordable prices. We're here to answer your frequently asked questions!

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